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Make it easy for your customers to get
the answers they’re looking for 24/7 

Website Live Chat & Chatbot Sales & Support Automation

Enhance Your Customer Experience and Boost Your Sales Process with “SpaBot” – Your Virtual Sales Assistant

Our SpaBot Sales Assistant is the perfect way to enhance your customer experience and boost your sales automatically. SpaBot is an automated chatbot for your website that enables you to please your customers at every step of their buying journey, from their first website visit to their final purchase and beyond. Engage, nurture, qualify, and convert your website visitors into customers directly from your website, 24/7 with SpaBot Sales Assistant. Whether you’re a growing business looking to provide ‘round the clock customer service and immediate response times, or a well-established business looking to handle a high volume of requests and improve your team’s efficiency, SpaBot is the perfect solution for you.

How Will SpaBot Sales Assistant Benefit Your Business?

Enhance Your Customer Experience

  • 24/7 Customer Chat
  • Immediate response times
  • Natural conversations
  • Connect to your current live chat system

Capture & Qualify Leads Automatically

  • Save time and money
  • Capture and qualify leads automatically
  • Be available to help customers around the clock
  • Boost your sales & support
  • Improve workflows and productivity

Grow Your Business without Adding Overhead

  • Enable your business to scale without adding overhead
  • Handle high volume of customer inquiries
  • Increase customer satisfaction and retention
  • Resolve problems smarter and faster

Self-Learning, Easy-to-Use and Customizable

  • Ready to use templates
  • Add your company logo and information
  • Easily integrate & connect with other apps & tools
  • AI technology learns from chat history

Ready to Use SpaBot Templates

Customer Service

  • 24/7 automated customer support

Lead Generation

  • Collect lead & customer data automatically

eCommerce Bot

  • Sell your products directly through the chat window

Integrate SpaBot with Your Existing Platforms


Starting at $50/mo + custom startup fee

Text Message Promotions & Appointment Scheduling

Reach your customers directly through their favorite communication channel – text messaging

Our promotional ad campaign text program is a fast way to send mass texts to the right people at the right time. Strengthen and improve relationships with customers by sending special promotions, service reminders, or current events. Easily integrate text messaging with your existing platforms such as live web chat and Facebook Messenger. Automated reminder text messaging is also available on customized workflows.

How Will Promotional Text Messaging Benefit Your Business?

  • Send mass text messages to many contacts at once
  • Integrate text messaging with your existing platforms
  • Text high-quality content to all your leads & customers
  • Keep in touch with your customers individually
  • Personalized text message templates 
  • Send images, attachments, links and more
  • Send text message requests for surveys and reviews to boost your reputation


$299/month per location 
Unlimited users and no extra charge for the amount of text messages you send