Sales Pipeline &
Marketing Automation

Capture, Qualify, Educate, and Convert Your Leads Automatically

Sharpspring Marketing Dashboard CRM

Spa professionals – are you looking to drive and nurture leads? Then the SharpSpring Marketing Dashboard CRM is the perfect solution for you. With SharpSpring, you can automate your marketing to manage your sales pipeline, nurture leads, log sales activity, and close deals.

How Can SharpSpring CRM Benefit Your Business?

  • Generate More Leads by Capturing Website Visitors with Forms
  • Nurture Leads with Personalized Content
  • Drive More Sales by Identifying Ready-To-Buy Leads
  • Improve Up-Selling and Cross-Selling
  • Develop and Retain Existing Customers
  • Track the Entire Sales Process From Start to Finish
  • Integrate All of Your Data into One Location
  • Performance Reports That Measures Your Current Sales Success

How Does It Work?

  • The CRM captures leads each time someone visits your website, signs up, or downloads forms.
  • Once you’ve captured that lead, you can set up regular automated marketing emails to nurture them throughout the entire sales funnel.
  • And with real-time lead notification, your sales team will know exactly when to follow up so you never miss an opportunity to make a sale.

What’s Included With SharpSpring CRM?

  • Account Creation & User Setup
  • Installation of Website Tracking Codes
  • Replacement of Existing Website Contact Forms to SharpSpring Contact Forms
  • 2-Hour Recorded Training Session
  • Appointment Setting Emails for up to 5 Sales People
  • 100,000 Contacts/Leads
  • 25,000 Emails Per Month
  • 250,000 Page Impressions Per Month

What Else Can You Do With SharpSpring?

With SharpSpring CRM, you can also create additional email automation workflows, such as:

  • Marketing Automation Campaigns: Send your prospects regular marketing emails automatically.
  • eBook/Checklist Lead Generation Campaigns: Generate leads when people visit your website, sign up and download your own custom branded checklists (How to Choose a Kitchen Remodeler, etc.).

Who Can Benefit?

Our SharpSpring CRM works best for any spa company owners needing to automate their marketing and sales process.

Text Message & Email Lead Nurturing

Increase your lead conversion rate and stay connected with your prospects through their preferred communication channels with Text Message & Email Lead Nurturing. 

Customizable email drip campaigns and bulk text messaging enable you to automate your lead nurturing to increase sales and scale your business without adding overhead.

Consumer Resource Guides with Drip Marketing

Spa shoppers are researching products online before they decide to make a purchase. Give your prospects the resources they need to make an informed decision with ebook guides and checklists on your website, complete with lead-nurturing email campaigns to drive conversions. Ebooks can be customized to your specific services or industry.

How Can Consumer Resource Guides Benefit Your Business?

  • Nurture Leads: Guide prospective buyers through the early stages of the sales funnel.
  • Increase Sales: Capture ready-to-buy leads automatically and turn your visitors into buying customers.
  • Real-Time Lead Notification: Notify salespeople to act at just the right time.
  • Work Smarter: Free up valuable resources and save time.
  • Save Money: Low-cost association with sending multiple messages over time.

What’s Included with Consumer Resource Guides?

  • One eBook branded for your business
  • A landing page with a contact form that is connected to your CRM
  • Five additional automated emails

How Does It Work?

  • We provide professionally written eBooks that you can offer as a free download to potential customers.
  • Simply choose your eBook.
  • We customize the eBook with your company logo, project photos and contact information.
  • Our team will develop a landing page with the free eBook download and contact form.
  • A potential customer fills out the form for the eBook download and opts into your email marketing list.
  • They receive the eBook download in their inbox.
  • This valuable contact information is sent directly to your CRM allowing you to track and qualify new leads.
  • From there, Five additional automated emails are sent that will help guide them through the sales process, ultimately converting that lead into a paying customer.

Online Appointment Scheduling with Payment Processing

Let your customers schedule their own spa services easily through your website without leaving home or even picking up the phone. Our online forms make it convenient and easy for you to scale your business without additional labor. 

These forms can link to your chatbot automation funnel to make customer support even more robust. You can even accept payments through a secure payment processing portal to increase your revenue easily and automatically.

How it Works

  • Add your service menu and availability
  • Set up your service list with prices and add your availability in your calendar. Your calendar will automatically update every time a client books an appointment.
  • Add a “Schedule now” button to your website and/or Facebook page​
  • Let customers schedule appointments with a simple click on your website that shows your calendar and availability.
  • The moment a new client books an appointment he is automatically registered with a user and login. You can now continue the communication from your client portal.
  • Create branded estimates, invoices and receipts that will get you paid ASAP
  • Let clients pay online via credit card or PayPal by adding a simple payment button to your estimates and invoices
  • Turn invoices into receipts in a single click and send to clients via email or SMS

Hot Tub Model Compare & Select Pages with Lead Capture Tools

Our “Compare & Select” lead capture tool allows website visitors to compare hot tub models and then select which model(s) and additional upselling features they are most interested in. The information is then forwarded to your sales team to close the sale. Website users can also request test soaks, financing options, consumer resources, schedule appointments, and much more.