Online Service & Repair Forms
& Scheduling

If you’re looking for an easy way for your customers to schedule their spa repairs, maintenance, and other services, then our Online Spa Service & Repair Forms & Scheduling is the perfect addition to your website. These easy-to-use forms and scheduling tools give your customers the flexibility to schedule services and repairs at their convenience, directly from your website.

How Do Our Online Service & Repair Forms & Scheduling Benefit Your Business?
  • Increases Your Service Offerings
  • Provides an Additional Revenue Stream
  • Improves Your Customer Service
How Does It Work?
  • The easy to use forms are embedded onto your website and can be customized for the services you offer. Your customers can spa and spa service and repairs, or openings and closings from the comfort of home. Your team receives the customer information making it easy to prepare and schedule appointments.
What’s Included with Your Online Service & Repair Forms & Scheduling?
  • Embedded online form
  • Customization for Your Business
Who Can Benefit?
  • Spa builders, retailers and service companies who want a convenient way for their customers to schedule repairs and service online, and an easy way to collect and organize appointments.
Minimum Requirements
  • WordPress website